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Apr 06


A commonly missed mobile marketing opportunity is not giving the viewer a chance to engage.

One of our clients describes readers who scan his publications’ Quick Response codes as “hyperengaged.” Remember, he reminds advertisers, these are readers who want to know more and are willing to take a moment to scan your QR code.

This week we debuted an enhancement that allows you to take that engagement a step further. MixMobi users can now automatically redirect viewer opt-ins (typically email address or phone number) directly to any email box, in real time.

The applications are endless. With the elimination of the need to forward opt-in information, the boundaries between marketer and reader vanish:

Thanks to our engaged and creative clients for suggesting this enhancement to MixMobi List Builder! Watch for more compelling mobile marketing engagement features, coming to MixMobi later this month.

Mar 16

QR Codes: What Not to Do

So you’ve gotten the memo: QR code scanning by consumers has seen “staggering growth” in North America - 1,200% during the last six months of 2010.

URL on Johnson's SunCare Lotion

You’ve read the “What To Do” columns, but are intimidated and under pressure to execute a QR campaign - stat!

Sometimes it’s easier to learn what’s imperative you not do with QR codes (vs trying to comply with a long, daunting list of “You Oughta”). So here’s your list of techniques to avoid:

While there are many aspirational techniques you should be using with QR codes, including consumer opt-ins, links to your social media sites on mobile, changing content over time, and more, these minimal steps will keep you from having a QR code disaster.

(Image: Johnson’s SunCare Lotion packaging QR code, fsse8info on Flickr)

Jan 13

QR Eye in the Sky

This week we’re celebrating the launch of client Parasole Restaurant Holdings’ innovative QR code driven billboard.

Unlike the majority of QR code billboards which deliver static content, the Chino Latino billboard engages viewers with a vibrant storyline introducing chef Tuan Nguyen.  The "origins" campaign launch video starts Tuan’s mystical journey as Lord of the Hot Zones.  At the end of the video, viewers are reminded to scan the code often to follow Tuan’s story.

Viewers also find a special, limited time offer and an invitation to Like the campaign on Facebook when they scan the code.  (See current QR code content by clicking here.)

Parasole will serve new content through the billboard QR code as frequently as daily over the course of the campaign.  In addition to the billboard, various campaign QR codes will also be used in restaurant coasters, posters — even temporary tattoos for sales staff!

Key takeaways for marketers:

Thanks to partners Intercom for providing edgy, engaging campaign creative, and to Sterling Cross, Parasole’s outstanding social and PR consultants.  Big thanks also to the Parasole leaders engineering this ground-breaking campaign, including Kip Clayton, Sarah Nerison, and Jodi Schoenauer.

"Watch This Space" as Tuan’s journey unfolds!

Dec 29

2010 Mobile Bookmark Gold

Ah, the Year End Wrapup.  I generally get more than my fill of Year End recaps and predictions (some great, some gratuitous).  So here’s something you can really use: a roundup on great resources on mobile you should bookmark:

NielsenWire - Smartphones now 28% of US Cellphone Market  Lots of “Gosh, really?” stats like “50% of Android Owners Under 35.”  Nov 1, 2010 http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/online_mobile/mobile-snapshot-smartphones-now-28-of-u-s-cellphone-market/

Neustar - Mobile Code Campaign Best Practices  Not sure why Neustar shied away from the term “QR code”, but whether you call them QR, 2D or barcodes, the best practices remain the same.  Lots of solid, “should be obvious” advice.  Dec 9, 2010  http://mobilenextbigthing.biz/2010/12/09/best-practices-for-a-successful-mobile-barcode-campaign/

Read More

Dec 01

The Two Year Itch

Although everyone remembers Marilyn Monroe in the 1955 film "The Seven Year Itch," it is the wonderful Tom Ewell who carries the comedy’s laughs.

Ewell’s character, Richard Sherman, is a married man who has been left alone as his wife 7 year itch photoand son leave New York City for the beach one hot summer.  His imagination goes hilariously wild when a beautiful women moves in upstairs, providing memorable Walter Mitty moments of daydreaming.

In the US, where mobile handsets are typically heavily subsidized by carriers with a two-year contract commitment, consumers are experiencing a 24-month version of Richard’s “itch.”

As the last few months of the contract tick by, consumers’ eyes start roving.  “I’m out of contract next month - how you liking that [handset]?” they ask a fellow commuter.  They start reading reviews.  They stop by that mobile kiosk at the mall to kick the tires. 

What’s the relevance to mobile marketers?  The US two-year free agency cycle that never ends ensures that, whatever smartphone platform you commit to, it’s in danger of losing share in just a few months as thousands of American consumers, every day of the year, come up on their two year carrier contract anniversary.  And with more and more diverse handset selection offered by each carrier over time, even carrier-loyal consumers can’t be taken for granted.

It’s worth remembering as you, the marketer, consider committing to a platform, that your target consumers have a wandering eye.  If Android can go from 3% to 25% market share in just one year, 2011’s newest competitor can do it, too.  No platform is safe from the Two Year Itch. 

Nov 10

Three Columns Shaking Mobile

Trying to make sense of the mobile “Wild Wild West”?  Here are three recent “must read” columns for the marketer, investor or technologist:

Both Mobile Marketer and Yared make the obligatory hat tip that I will repeat: as on the desktop, native apps are still necessary on mobile for gaming and anything graphically intensive.  But these may simply be the exceptions that prove the (emerging) rule.

In striking synchronicity, we see in these three columns the continuing secular shift toward mobile web simultaneously from the marketer, the investor, and the developer points of view. 

Photo credit: Larry Wentzel

Nov 02

Hello Locations and QR Codes

MixMobi Map We’re excited to announce some new functionality for MixMobi today.   First, the addition of Locations.  Locations are another easy way to manage and organize your offers.  While we already included campaign management to organize offers around channels and tags to organize offers around categories, we were asked by customers to organize offers around specific geographies and brands.

Here is what locations do:

MixMobi QR CodeSecond, we now include a QR code for every location landing page and offer.  QR codes are two-dimensional bar codes readable by smart phones with a camera and a scanner app.  With the inclusion of QR codes, MixMobi customers can now easily link static content in printed marketing campaigns with dynamic content on their landing pages or offers.  QR codes can also be included in other electronic marketing linking the desktop web with the mobile web.  MixMobi offers the QR codes in a number of different sizes for different uses and our short offer urls (http://mxmo.be) mean that the codes are simpler and can be more quickly and accurately read by scanners. 

If you have any questions or feedback on these new features, please let us know!